Discover your child's breakthrough area and radically improve their character.

You will be scored against each of the 3 "C's".


Confidence is a vital attribute for success and happiness in life. It’s fundamental for the development of character. Students who have high levels of confidence are more likely to take up challenges, push the boundaries of the comfort zone.


Having good conduct or behaviour, a deep understanding of respect, courtesy and high levels of self control are all vital to developing the Character of a young person.


Concentration can be one of the greatest challenges for young students. Having the ability to concentrate is an vital part of a child’s character.

Your child's success and happiness are directly influenced by these 3 areas, find out how you score!


44 questions to Improve your child's confidence, conduct and concentration
Answer 44 Yes/No questions

Find out if your child's breakthrough area to rapidly speed up their development

Review potential improvements

Once you know your score and the calculation has been completed, you’ll receive a tailored report with simple easy to apply actions you can take to help to make positive improvements to the three pillars and get new results.

Founder of the Breakthrough Area Assessment

Sebastian Bates is a best selling author in the area of character development having released "The Warrior Method" in 2018. Sebastian is the founder of The WarriorAcademy, a martial arts organisation with a unique approach to education, focusing on the development of Character in young people. The Warrior Academy is voted Top 5 in the UK with over 2,000 students worldwide. As well as managing a global team of 30+ staff, Sebastian works closely with high profile clients including the Royal Family of UAE and Royal Family of Jordan.

"I believe that the most important, but often overlooked aspect of a child's education is the development of their character. A strong character guides every decision they make growing up and ultimately sets a child up for a compelling, successful and happy life"